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Vestiges of cable left in Weston-super-Mare

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Not much remains to remind us of cable in Weston but the Commercial Cable Company station buildings still stand - in a rather sorry state.
And from the front somewhere near where we think the cables landed.
This picture was taken not that long after the station closed. (See below for a close-up of the features below the upper windows.)  North Somerset Museum 2003
This is the building as featured in a company brochure of 1909.
An example of the equipment inside - from 1941. (More pictures of equipment)  North Somerset Museum 2003
The old station does still have bas-relief company logos. (Now painted over and the centre one obscured 2003.)

This clearly shows the initials "M" and "B". The Commercial Cable Company was founded by J W Mackay and J Gordon Bennett. (Yes the "Gordon Bennett" - quite a lad it seems.)
This shows the cable routes on a globe and relates directly to the logo on an advertisement from the Porthcurno museum archives:
Where did the cables land?
There is nothing left to indicate where this was: (that I have been able to spot or dig up in research). Books about Weston history do not show a consensus on this either. However, consideration of the photographs from the museum leads me to believe that the two cables shown being landed (one of the first two and one of the last two) were both fairly close to the Grand Pier (slightly to the east). I believe the sand level has risen (I think by human intervention !) since these pictures were taken so it is possible that the cables, or at least any termination structure, is still there, buried. I have found no report so far of the cables being salvaged - and they certainly were not at Waterville.
This picture, taken at the low point of a very low tide, may show remains of the cable beacon that marked the cables' position in Weston bay until 1968.



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