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Hazel Hill, Nova Scotia
Like at Waterville, Commercial Cable appears to have built a much more comprehensive cable station at Hazel Hill and many buildings still exist.

(Picture from the George White collection)
This site has a picture of the Hazel Hill staff in 1926. (George White archive.)
To see pictures of the Canso station together with a wealth of historical detail follow this link.
St John's, Newfoundland
Eventually, the Commercial cable Company were able to land cables here, shortening the route and hence increasing the speed of the cables (more on diversions). The initial landing place was Cuckold's Cove and this was eventually linked to a new cable station in St John's. I am grateful to Donard de Gogan for both of these photographs.
Old CCC office, St John's
Cuckold's Cove
Click here for charts of the cables at the St Johns end. (George White archive.)
Le Havre, France

I have found very little information at all about the CCC station at Le Havre and the two cables that undoubtedly went there. The offices were at 112 Boulevard de Strasbourg - a central location in Le Havre. (Le Havre centre was very heavily bombed in the war but the cable station was presumably restored with everything else.)

The George White Archive has pictures of a cable repair at Le Havre in the 1950s.

The Le Havre cables were diverted into Dartmouth during WW2. It has been suggested to me that the older one was not reconnected after hostilities ceased.



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