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George Gray Ward was clearly the technical brains behind the success of the entrepreneurs, J W Mackay and J Gordon Bennett. He also seems to have been part of a large family of Wards all involved with telegraph cables (although the relationship is only conjectured in some cases at present).

Report of the estate of G G Ward[KW]

"Extract from Telegraph & Telephone Age"
of June 16th, 1923.

The estate of George Gray Ward, former vice-president and general
Manager of the Commercial Cable Company, Mew York, was appraised at
$562,323 gross, and $538,834 net, in a report in transfer tax proceedings
filed on May 28th, by the Tax Commission.
Securities, forming the bulk of the Estate, were valued at $478,679
Preferred stock of the Mackay Company which he owned was appraised
at $66,250 and his common stock of the same company, $9,700.
He owned stock in the All America Cables worth $16,837, and bonds
in the Commercial Cable Company, appraised at $3,637.
When he died June 15, 1922, Mr Ward was vice-president and general
manager of the Commercial Cable Company, general manager of the Commercial
Pacific Cable Company, and president of the United States and Haiti
Telegraph and Cable Company.
Mrs Flaurence Oliphant Hough, a daughter, received Mr Ward's home
at 51 West Fifty-third Street, New York, a specific legacy of $5,000
and one-third the residuary estate. The remaining two-thirds went to
two sons, George Gray Ward, 48 East Fifty-second Street, and Sidney
Freeman Ward of White Plaine.
The Church of the Heavenly Rest, Fifth Avenue and Forty-fifth Street
New York, of which Mr Ward was a vestryman for many years, received

Mary Baldwin has added some further information and confirmations in this message:

I can confirm that you are right in your conjecture that these Wards are related. George Gray Ward was my great great uncle. His brother Frederick Ward was another Great Great Uncle. Frederick George Ward was their nephew, the son of another brother Harry. This F.G.Ward (1876-1959) was my paternal grandfather. My father and aunt grew up in the Azores and had very many happy memories of the island. They lived in a grand house called The Cedars.

I was able to visit Horta, Azores in 2006 and found The Cedars, now used by the Azores Government.



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