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Other UK / American cables

Cable landing near Haverford West. I stumbled upon this looking for something else entirely. More information
Marloes cable landing

The original ANGLO-AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COMPANY (which became Western Union) cables have been extensively documented - start at Porthcurno museum, Cornwall  !
The DIRECT UNITED STATES TELEGRAPH COMPANY laid its first trans-Atlantic cable in 1874. The cable terminated at Tor Bay, just south of Halifax in Nova Scotia. The other end landed at Ballinskelligs in Ireland - in Waterville bay a few miles from the CCC station. The company was bought by the British government in 1921 and became the Imperial and International Communications Company. In 1935 that company changed its name to Cable and Wireless Limited. The Ballinskelligs landing was diverted directly to Mousehole in Cornwall in 1923. More information.

I visited the Direct cable Station location in 2003 and took these pictures but there is nothing to see of the old station or the cable.

The site of the station - but the original station buildings were demolished.

The lovely beach where the cable came ashore.

French cables
Most French controlled Atlantic cables landed at Brest on the French side. In 1899 the system was as follows:
- The Brest - Saint-Pierre - Cape Cod Cable laid in 1879.
- The Brest - Cape Cod cable laid in 1898 and known as the "Le Direct".
- The Brest - Portcurnow extension laid in 1880.
- The Cape Cod - New York extension laid in 1899.
More information about French cables
Cape Cod information relating to the French cables
A side-light on the Le Havre telegraph cable history - this quotation appears at http://81.1911encyclopedia.org/T/TE/TELEGRAPH.htm:
In 1890 Liverpool was placed in direct telegraphic communication with Hamburg and Havre.



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