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Cable Ships

Photographs from George White's collection.

Ship "Cable Restorer"
Ship "John W Mackay"
Ships "John W Mackay" and "Mercury"
Ships "Cable Restorer" and "John W Mackay"
C&W Cableship CS 'ELECTRA' at Csatries, St Lucia, her base in West Indies. 1956
Irmgard Pleuger.
This was built as a cargo ship for the Pleuger Company and converted to a cable ship in 1952 - which must therefore be when these pictures were taken. Used for cable laying between June 1952 and July 1953. This information from Cableships and Submarine Cables by K R Haigh. It is not stated there that CCC chartered and used the ship but that must be the case.

"Fitting out the ship"

"Picking up the cable"

"Paying out the final splice"
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