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People and Meetings

Photographs from George White's collection.

Any information about people and venues gratefully received !

CCC Liverpool Office staff.

Obviously an older photograph. George started at Liverpool but I cannot identify him.

Martyn Roebuck can identify some of these with reasonable certainty:

"Assuming that it was taken at the beginning [of the life of the Liverpool Office] and therefore round about 1924, Colin H Askham is the young man in a Fedora hat at the top left. (Colin Askham was over six feet and always very smart.) ... the young men in the bottom right hand corner might be [Bill Hughes and John Moores]. I do not know what Bill Hughes looked like but the man at the extreme right looks very similar to pictures I have seen of John Moores."

George's grandson Rodney Franklin aged 9, c. 1965.

Ruth White with Captain Harper c. 1948/49.
ITT Executive reunion London 9-11-1992 George White, Peter Earl, John Buckland
"1952 Lunch memory Mrs W Self".
Ruth White with George and ANO..
1956. Management team ?
1956. Top Brass ?
A gathering of managers ?
Schiepol Airport (Amsterdam). "KLM Party" 1955
Group at Ponteverda, (Spain) (around 1960?)
On a beach somewhere in the world...
"FAO, Hamburg UK Delegation ICPC, 1957"

FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization ?

ICPC - International Criminal Police Organization (INTER-POL) ?

George on the CS John W Mackay.
No idea where / who this is !
Ital cable - looks like a fax machine, Opening of International Telecomms Office Rome
And finally - how do you demonstrate a Creed 7ERP?

"The model 7ERP denotes a 7E with the RP being a reperforator. I installed dozens of these in firms premises during the 60's which is probably the era of the photo. When the reperforator was enabled it was a noisy machine as there was no soundproofing to the perf mechanism. The tape enters from the right and is punched out to the lady's left. She is flanked by 2 x Creed 7E's. " Larry, now in Australia via Chris Knight.

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