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Copyright The Weston & Somerset Mercury - my thanks go to the present editor for granting permission to feature these stories here.


Nearly 50 years with cable company. (The Weston Mercury & Somersetshire Herald, February 28, 1958) Percy Hopkinson retires
Report of closure of station. 1962 (Weston Mercury ?)  
Cable beacon 'cage' has vanished. (Weston Mercury & Somerset Herald, November 3, 1967) Picture
Weston cable beacon blown up. 7th June 1968. (Weston Mercury) Exchange of letters on this topic
Looking back - 100 years ago. (Issue of June 13, 1885) (Unknown)  
Brean to be linked with New York. 19th December 1986 (probably Weston Mercury) History repeating itself almost exactly 100 years on
Report of closure of station. 1962 (Western Daily Press)  


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