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                                            Saturday, 20th April, 1968

George L.B. White Esq.,
General Manager,
The Commercial Cable Company,
London E.C.2.

Dear George,

Cable Beacon.

     Thank you for your letter 881/PL dated 17th April. This
afternoon I spoke to Mr. Watts who has some knowledge of the beacon
and conditions in the Bay for, as well as very many years as a local
boatman, he carried out the last repairs when the old iron cage was
replaced by crossed loops and the top wooden staff slightly shortened
and painted.

     Mr. Watts is definitely of the opinion that there are no
boats in Weston capable of undertaking the demolition job that you
propose as, whatever means are used to dismantle the post, the site
would have to be completely cleared to obviate any hazard to small
craft or shipping using the Bay. He said that the foreshore at that
point is fairly hard so there would be no hope that the lower iron
or steel section, it felled intact or in pieces, would. disappear into
the mud, this means that a craft would be required capable of trans-
porting the somewhat massive lower section ashore (or to some suitable
dumping ground ?) and also removing any projecting stonework of the

     Mr. Watts suggested Bristol as about the nearest place
to find anyone suitably equipped for the job and mentioned the poss-
ibility of lighters operated by the Bristol Sand. & Gravel Co. I
would think that the Barry/Cardiff area might also be considered if
you decide to pursue this matter further as there cannot be much in
it as regards distance.


     I did not attempt to inspect the beacon as I thought that
no useful purpose would be served at this stage and, furthermore.
the two "trips round the bay" motor-boats are only now being painted
in readiness for the season. I am sorry not to have given a more
constructive reply but I do not think that Mr. Watts has exaggerated
the difficulties; however, if I can be of any assistance in this matter
at any time please do not hesitate to let me know. As I do not know
who raised the question of the present topless condition of the beacon
I did not pursue enquiries any further, say, with the Pier Master at
Birnbeck pier or at the Town Hall (doubt if they would be concerned).

          With kind regards from Mavis and myself.

                Yours sincerely,

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